Electronic cigarettes are often seen as a welcome aid to assist people when giving up smoking not least of all due to the fact that they provide smokers with the nicotine hit which they enjoy and often crave but without the well reported and notable harmful side effects that are associated with traditional smoking and that of the lit tobacco.

A great benefit of the e-cigarette or e-cig is that this type of relatively new device looks feels and functions in many ways the same as you would expect from smoking traditional, tobacco cigarettes and in most cases (dependent on e-cigarette brand and specific device) even emit a smoke-like substance which instead of tobacco smoke is a simple and effective water vapour.

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On our website you will see many examples of people’s success stories of how they have started giving up smoking with the help of electronic cigarettes. Giving up smoking at the best of times can be an almost impossible task but hopefully you can find some support in the E cigarette reviews section of the site where many likeminded individuals are continuing to stop smoking traditional cigarettes in favour of the smokeless cigarette.

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  • We are fully aware that e-cigarettes do contain nicotine which is extremely addictive. We therefore recommend that users should only be of the type who are wishing to quit smoking. If you have a problem with vaping, then we suggest you visit the Quit Vaping site for help and support.